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I hope the video provided a clear picture of us and how we are going to help you achieve your personal goals for better health. If your video "misbehaved" or if you couldn't comprehend my "strange" accent then let me WELCOME you to our website.I hope it will become YOUR website.

Want improved health and a better body?
  • Lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve flexibility and functionality
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your sport, hobby, or activity
  • Prevention and protection... Age proof your body
  • Sucess at dating and in the bedroom... Behind Closed Doors

Here's How!

  • Personalized programs in HD video
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  • Current research, relevant and reliable
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  • Quizzes and Prizes and lots of fun!

The Body Beautiful

This site is packed with valuable information and with programs to help you look and feel special. Single dating or as a couple we enable your body to create excitment in and outside the bedroom.

Defy the Decades

Introduction to Defy the Ages


If you are concerned about your body and your health, for now and into the future, we have strategies and programs to help suceed... No matter your age!
Your time is valuable, your body "invaluable". It is time to start investing in yourself.
You will have questions... We have the answers!


Our mission, in a nutshell, is to make you become more healthy in whatever way that has meaning for you. We understand that each one of you is unique. Give us your details ( your goals, needs, lifestyle, etc ) and we will give you a health and fitness program that is safe, practical , effective and of course, fun. We want you to succeed; we want you to have fun succeeding... YOU AND US......FIT TOGETHER !!


The fact that you've tried shows resolve. Unfortunately 65% of dieters regain the lost weight within two years (Calorie Control Council - 2011). Now you need our knowledge, expertise, and support. In the past two decades we have seen and helped:

  • People who want to lose weight but do not know how to begin
  • Those who lost some weight but couldn't maintain the loss
  • People who started exercising but became bored
  • Many who saw some results initially but plateaued
  • People with great intentions but without motivation or support

Can you relate to the above? We have helped numerous individuals and corporations and have the necessary tools and experience to help you overcome and avoid these common pitfalls. Click here to see examples of our success.


We are an established company sincere in our commitment to provide you with the most precious gift...OPTIMUM HEALTH. Our extensive knowledge and experience covers more than 20 years working in Europe and the USA with individuals, celebrities and Organizations such as the American Heart Association and The Orange Bowl committee. We can be seen on Youtube and have made several appearances on NBC 6 in South Florida, see "about" for more information.

We enjoy what we do.....You will enjoy being a participant


In one word....RESULTS. In today's demanding and high-paced world it's not easy maintaining a fit and healthy body especially given the vagaries of the aging process. Two out of three adults in most western industrialized nations are overweight or obese while the vast majority of those on a diet fail to maintain their weight loss and even regain within a year.

Given our hectic lifestyles we understand that time is limited. At we combine fitness and nutrition in a way that is practical, fun and effective. We show you how to prepare a nutritious meal under 400 calories and in under 25 minutes WHILE demonstrating how to exercise properly....our videos can be found on Youtube... eat and exercise for the perfect body.

We acknowledge that each of you is unique which is why we offer different levels of membership....

Our programs are progressive and cover the areas that shape your particular needs and desires. GOLD membership is limited and exclusive as it's personalized and tailor-made. It's like having me alongside you but at a fraction of the cost.


  1. To live in harmony... mind body spirit
  2. To seek peak performance
  3. Feeling fully functional
  4. Looking good
  5. Feeling good
  6. Being in the best of health
  7. Being pain free
  8. Having calmness in my life
  9. Having plenty of energy
  10. Staying ahead of the curve... the aging curve
  11. Lose weight
  12. Gain lean muscle


1) Select the relevent option

Womens Health

Corporate Health

3) Choose the best membership for yourself

Remember to put your best foot forward and repeat the mantra YOU AND US......FIT TOGETHER.

Assumption of Risk

Exercise Program/Information and Nutritional Advice may not be suitable for everyone.
The information contained within is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is NOT intended as medical advice.

If you answer YES to 2 or more of the following we advise that you consult your Health Care Provider before starting any program.
Are you a man 45+, a woman 55+, pregnant, a smoker,have hypertension, symptoms/medication for heart disease, diabetes,suffer chest discomfort, fainting or dizziness with exertion or any other medical concerns you feel may affect your health or the safety of exercise.

Nothing within is designed to treat, heal, cure or diagnose any illness, condition or health issue.

If necessary always consult your Health Care Adviser before beginning any Nutrition or Exercise Program.

Each Plan/Program is to be used solely at the discretion of the paid individual/member.