Age Proof Your Body

age proof your body

The phrases "age-proof your body", "turn back the clock", "reverse the aging process" have become popular in the mass-media as well as being huge slogans for the cosmetic and supplement industries. Go look at the shelves in your local stores and you will find numerous lotions, potions, pills and procedures that lay claim to reduce our chronology while turning us into Peter Pan.

Please do not misunderstand me, I have no issue with those wishing to look younger; my main goal is for you to REALLY feel younger; to have more energy, greater functionality, and move with less pain. To feel strong, flexible and confident so that you can tackle life with a skip in your step and a smile on your face and avoid quips such as "You know that you are getting older when your back goes out more than you do".

You will still want to play with your kids and grandkids, you will still want to travel, climb stairs, lift push and pull with confidence and little effort. Perhaps most important, you will want to avoid pain, pills, needless visits to the doctor and ridiculous medical expenses.

When the fitness revolution began in the 70's (do you recall pink tights, headbands and Jane Fonda) it was primarily aimed at the young and energetic. Things have changed in the 21st Century. The 70's are the new 60's, 60 is the new 50, and so on. Global and national statistics clearly show advancements in the aging process.

In 1900 the average mortality rate = 47, in less than a century it had increased to 77 years. If we just focus on seniors in the US (65+) the numbers in the same time-frame have increased a staggering eleven fold...from 3 million to 35 million in 2000.At first glance these numbers are impressive, however, upon further reflection we start to see the bigger picture. The dramatic gains have mainly resulted from huge improvements in sanitary, nutritional and medical care and NOT from personal lifestyle choices.

Breakthroughs in technology and improvements in preventative services are noteworthy. However, if we look at the other side of the coin we become equally concerned by some other facts...1 in 3 people will die of Heart disease. In 1900 the serial killers were pneumonia, influenza, TB and Enteritis/Gastritis. Today our top three are Heart Disease (33%), Cancer (23%) Stroke (7%).

The tragedy is that all three are preventable to a great extent.That means the non inherited causes(the lifestyle choices we make in terms of food, exercise,sleep and stress-management)have a direct impact on our health and our appearance.

Poor health is not an inevitable cause of aging.The truth about aging is that we all have the ability to live at least one third longer than expected with a greater quality of life and without being weak and incapacitated.

Yes, aging is inevitable...the rate is not!!

Let me pose these questions...

  • Just because we are living longer does it follow that we are aging better?
  • Should we not be more concerned with the quality of our life rather than the quantity?

In our youth many of us could touch our toes without bending our knees By middle-age we are lucky if we can touch our knees without bending our toes Lol

As we age , ALL of us will experience an inescapable set of changes; muscle mass diminishes, metabolism slows, lung capacity and bone density decrease whilst aches and pains increase. Our mitochondria and telomeres lose resilience while we appear thinner on top and thicker on the bottom.

Now before you start to make your will let me say that ALL the aforementioned can be improved. Remember, aging occurs from the inside out as well as from the outside in.

In almost 20 years as a Health and Fitness Consultant I have seen tremendous changes in my clients; namely in their appearance and energy levels. Our nutritional and exercise programs are fun, practical and effective. They can be performed at home, in the gym and while travelling.

We appreciate that your time is limited which is why we show you how to prepare a nutritious meal in under 25 minutes and even exercise by the time your meal is ready. See us on YouTube... eat and exercise for the perfect body.

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