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Each video is numbered chronologically. Details on each recipe is displayed free to all for one month after which it can be found in our "Cooking Library" to which ALL members have access.So if you are not yet a member ( Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pure Gold ) join us NOW for as little as a cup of coffee; not only will you gain access to our library of recipes and exercises but we will also give you a subscription to our monthly Newsletter packed with reliable and current information.Many topics (nutrition, exercise, weight-loss, beauty, sex, aging etc) are covered in a fun and informative manner.

As you will see, we always have fun in the kitchen and on my balcony. Very quickly you will recognize that we are not "chefs" just "normal" people, just... like you. Our lives are also busy and our time is limited. In fact, many of you have told me that deciding what to cook is as much of a challenge as cooking the meal itself...WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

With us doing the planning (demonstrating how to select and prepare your healthy meal) most of the work is done and valuable time is saved. With our informative and fun manner you too will enjoy making meals that are tasty and healthy. We will help turn your hectic day into a relaxing evening with a delicious and healthy reward for you and your loved ones.

Most of our dishes call for simple and affordable ingredients; many of which you already have in your kitchen. Each recipe is tasty and time-tested, each one contains less than 400 calories and takes less that 25 minutes to make and plate. Whether you wish to lose weight or simply eat more healthfully, our recipes are filled with nutritious ingredients; they will fuel you, energize you and keep you fuller for longer. Additionally you will learn the WHAT and WHY...

WHAT you are actually digesting.

WHY it is good for you.

After all knowledge is powerful and important in developing a healthy strategy for the future.

I don't know about you but I'm astounded by the vast amount of information and misinformation out there. Our newsletters blogs, and videos will cut through the hype and confusion and leave you with a better understanding of your body underpinned by scientific fact and not "sales" fiction.

Our exercise community will provide you with the guidance and support needed for a better body and healthy lifestyle.

In essence we will show you HOW:

  1. To shop for healthy foods
  2. To store and maintain nutrients in the foods you buy.
  3. To cook with confidence and ease
  4. To have fun in the kitchen and even impress your partner...Are you listening guys !!
  5. To make better eating decisions for weight loss /better health.
  6. To prepare delicious and nutritious meals in under 25 minutes and less than 400 calories.
  7. To perform an exercise with proper form.

In today's fast-paced world we want food that is fresh and tasty and we want it fast. Time is a precious commodity, well, so is your body. It needs proper nutrition and proper exercise. Our videos and programs will show you how to prepare healthy meals and exercise with correct form.

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