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Pick a Body PartWe may all be part of the human race (although I do wonder sometimes lol) but in essence we are individualistic. We are all born with a unique genetic footprint and fingerprint. I am often asked how much of who we are health-wise is actually determined by DNA or TLC. It's not an easy one to address. No study I have read provides a conclusive answer. However, there is much research that clearly shows the importance and value of lifestyle changes especially as we age. I am sure if you look at personal photos of 5+ years ago, you will notice some changes in skin tone, in hair, in bodily appearance. They are insidious but WILL happen to us all. A few extra wrinkles or thinning hair can be frustrating but there are other changes, important changes that will likely cause us health issues if not addressed...

1) STRENGTH - after 25 we can lose as much as half a pound of muscle annually, more so if we avoid strength and conditioning exercises.
2) FLEXIBILITY - peaks in our teens and declines 5% annually unless we stretch and exercise
3) BONES - after the age of 30 we lose 1-2% per annum, during menopause 3-5% which can have serious consequences as we get older.

It matters not if you were born with 5-star DNA or how much you have in your bank account, our bodies will age and change. What matters is how fast this occurs... that is up to each every one of us. Have you heard the adage..."Money cannot buy you good health but it can buy a Mercedes for the Dr's wife". As with so many areas of our life, we have choices... do nothing, surgically alter our body or make lifestyle changes that are "natural" without pain or side-effects.
You may have concerns about a particular part of your body and although it is not possible to "spot reduce" there are a number of things that can be done for improvement.

In over 15 years we have achieved enormous success working with individuals, celebrities and Corporations; see testimonials for more information. We may not be able to change the color of your eyes or the shape of your nose but we certainly can help to change the size of your waist and the shape of your body. We are able to tone tighten, energize and strengthen many areas; you may even appear taller as a result of enhanced posture and spinal flexibility, especially valuable to those who spend much of their time sitting at a desk.

Some of you may have a desire to look attractive and healthy for an upcoming special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. Others will want to fit into last year’s swimwear, pair of jeans or that little "sexy" number; especially important to those who find themselves back out on the dating scene. Those of you who are "weekend warriors" or play a sport may wish to focus on a body-part to improve performance or address a weak spot. In today's fast-paced environment we appreciate that your time is limited which is why we offer you choices...


GOLD is tailor-made and therefore exclusive. Tell us the body-parts or areas you wish to address and we will design a program that not only meets your goals but slots into your lifestyle.
Each program can be performed at home, in the gym or on your travels AND in less than 25 minutes.

Choose a membership and start the most suitable program for you.

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