Flexibility & Functionality, Sports Specific.

Couple Playing GolfFirst of all, let me congratulate you for being so active. Do you have a particular sport or activity (Golf, Tennis, gardening, playing with the kids, etc) that you wish to improve? As a weekend warrior do you sometimes feel sore or perhaps collect an injury or muscle strain in the aftermath?

The purpose of this program addresses three main concerns:

1) Make improvements and render your tasks and activities easier
2) Improve your body for increased "efficiency"
3) Reduce the risk of injury...Lower back, shoulders, knees, hips, and carpal tunnel to name a few.

Naturally, I applaud all those who are involved in the "magic of movement". Nevertheless, as with many things in life, there has to be a balance. Unfortunately about 40% of amateur golfers and tennis players injure themselves according to the American Orthopedic Society. Twice as many (80%) who are sedentary will experience issues with their lower-back especially when competing as "weekend warriors".

Many of these problems could have been avoided with a proper warm-up and cool-down. Improved conditioning together with a better understanding of the physiological requirements of the activity help in reducing many risk factors. Even the greatest athletes have personal trainers and health consultants. For most of us, flexibility declines at a rate of 5% annually and is the leading cause of imbalance and falls among seniors. Let me ask you some questions. Please answer with honesty....No one is looking!!

  • Have you experienced soreness, stiffness, cramping after a day of sport/activity?
  • When you rotate your head from one side to the other is there a difference in ROM (Range of motion)?
  • Can you balance on one leg (20 secs) then switch to the other side with equal effect?
  • Would you like to have more power to make the ball travel further and with more accuracy?
  • Would you perfer to have more strength, flexibility and endurance?

For a moment, we sounded like a physician. We are not. If you are in any pain then your Dr should be consulted. We are experts in the field of bio-mechanics and functionality and have helped many perform to the best of their ability.Let's stop for a moment to consider the vast majority of sports and activities. Whether you are jumping, bending, reaching, swinging, pushing, pulling, punching or lifting there is one group of muscles involved and committed... the core. Lumbar thoracic spine pelvis hips and abdominals.

The key is integration; for all the moving parts to work in harmony. When not synchronized injury is likely. The US marines define pain as "Weakness leaving the body". We will help make you stronger and more flexible. Our programs are fun, practical, safe and effective. We have helped many individuals, celebrities and Corporations (About us) become stronger, fitter, and healthier. These important benefits will prove advantageous not only for your sport but in the "functionality" and quality of your daily life. Injuries can be minimized; the process of recovery...maximized. We appreciate that each of you is unique (different shapes, attitudes, personalities and lifestyles) and that your time is limited and valuable. For this reason we offer you four types of membership.


GOLD is limited and exclusive. It is tailor-made and can be customized to your particular activity. All our programs can be completed in under 25 minutes and performed at home in the gym or while traveling All our memberships provide access to our newsletters packed with research, tips and information that is current and trustworthy. Our blog offers you the opportunity to share encouragement and seek support from members in our Health Community. Now is the time to make your move.

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Assumption of Risk

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The information contained within is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is NOT intended as medical advice.

If you answer YES to 2 or more of the following we advise that you consult your Health Care Provider before starting any program.
Are you a man 45+, a woman 55+, pregnant, a smoker,have hypertension, symptoms/medication for heart disease, diabetes,suffer chest discomfort, fainting or dizziness with exertion or any other medical concerns you feel may affect your health or the safety of exercise.

Nothing within is designed to treat, heal, cure or diagnose any illness, condition or health issue.

If necessary always consult your Health Care Adviser before beginning any Nutrition or Exercise Program.

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