Pregnancy - Pre And Post-Natal

Pregnant WorkoutThere was a time when the medical community urged pregnant women to actually refrain from exercise. This view has now changed. Since the 1990’s there have been plenty of research showing that, given certain conditions, women can and SHOULD exercise to take advantage of the many health benefits to both mother and baby. Before we examine the guidelines it is important to understand the physiological changes occurring during this unique time.

Obviously, there are going to be changes in body weight, an average gain of 25-40 lbs. This change in weight distribution can alter balance and co-ordination. A decrease in blood pressure can lead to light-headedness so keep a means of support (wall, chair, etc) within reach. Owing to variations in body temperature remember to stay hydrated and avoid over-exertion. Be aware of sudden changes in direction or activities that involve jumping and pounding.

It is recommended that pregnant women engage in exercise at a moderate pace and intensity for up to 30 minutes daily and four times weekly. Depending on your pre-pregnant fitness level and medical history the exercise program should be personalized. Use common-sense and ALWAYS speak to your physician beforehand and if any concerns should arise.

Seek approval if necessary. Once you are set to go you will be amazed at the benefits of staying active during your pregnancy. Exercise will improve muscle tone, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance which will make it easier for you to adapt to the changes and challenges that evolve from pregnancy. In addition to the obvious benefits exercise will also:

  • Prepare your body for the physical challenges of labor and birth.
  • Help better support the extra weight
  • Help better reduce the extra weight post-natal.
  • Improve your mood and circadian rhythm leading to better sleep.
  • Strengthen the weaker side (for most it's the left-hand side) which will now be used to carry and support the baby.
  • Increase your energy levels helping to combat bouts of stress and even depression.

You will experience the greatest benefits from a customized program that offers a combination of mild aerobics, mild stretches and a routine of strength and conditioning with light weights and multiple reps. As your pregnancy develops so must your program. Some of you may feel ready to exercise a few days after giving birth. Once again, consult with your health-care adviser. For more general guidelines please click here. As you can see, the advantages of being active before, during and after this wonderful time are well-documented. The three key ingredients to maintaining equilibrium and keeping safe are:

  1. Commonsense...Listen to your body at all times and act accordingly.
  2. Communicate with your medical adviser and seek approval
  3. Adopt an exercise program that is created for you by a professional.

We totally understand that for many of you, this is both a time of excitement and certain trepidation. With over 15 years of experience we appreciate the many unique things that are happening to your body emotionally and physically. Our programs are created with you and for you in a frame-work where safety is paramount. As experts we are here to help you every step of the way." Baby steps.....Together".

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