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DatingIt's a simple fact of human existence that most of us wish to be in some "type" of relationship. Inevitably, this means we will have to enter the complicated world of dating. Whether it's meeting in person, speed-dating or placing a profile online many find the whole ordeal rather daunting. I remember hearing a comedian say..." I always seem to have bad luck with women. A woman I was dating told me on the phone she had to go because there was a telemarketer on the other line".

Dating and relationships are complex, we can help make things less complicated. We are not psychologists and cannot "make you find true love", but we can help improve your chances. I am sure you will agree, online dating and dating services are not cheap. We are experts in the human body and we totally understand that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Of course personality, financial stability, commitment and common interests have a part to play, but these things come later. Physical attraction, physical chemistry will win you that second date.

In the beginning it's about attraction, it's about appearance, typically called chemistry. If it's catching sight of someone across a crowded room or being attracted to someone's photo...Physical Presence and Body language are paramount. A comprehensive survey was conducted in 2012 by a well-known group that included Reuters, PC World and the Washington Post Here are some of their findings which you may find interesting:

  • Total Number of Singles in the US = 54 Million
  • Total number using online dating sites = 40 Million
  • % of current committed relationships that began online = 21%
  • % of those who say Physical characteristics are paramount = 49%

Here's a question for you. In most profiles what do you think are the three things men and women exaggerate or lie about?
MEN lie most about.....Age, Height, and Income.
WOMEN most lie about....Weight, Physical Build, and Age.
This and other surveys clearly illustrate the significance of personal appearance. Our programs are designed to improve the way you look, even your height. OK, before you start to shake your head give us a second to explain.

No, we can’t add inches to your legs or neck but we can help improve your posture. We can teach your body to stand more erect giving you greater poise and confidence; important and attractive attributes. Unfortunately, as we have shown, people mis-represent themselves over their weight and physical build and even employ the creative services of photo-shop. Without appearing to judge, doesn't this make things more difficult? Why start off with such exaggerations when most of us are actually looking for honesty and trust in a partner.

This reminds me of a story I once heard from a guy..." I was on a date with this gorgeous model. Actually it wasn't a real date we ate dinner and watched a movie and then the plane landed". Select one of our programs and fabricate no longer. They can help you lose weight, tone and tighten enabling you to look and feel more confident and appealing. I actually conducted a survey asking over 100 men and women about the top three physical attributes that grab their attention when dating.
FOR MEN...Breasts, Butt, Legs
FOR WOMEN....Butt, Height, Chest/Arms
In our 15+ years of experience we have helped both celebrities and individuals become happier and more confident with their physical appearance and emotional well-being as a result of a better diet, deeper sleep and enhancements in energy levels (testimonials).

We appreciate that you are all unique; different shapes, sizes, personalities and lifestyles. For this reason we offer you three types of membership...


Both GOLD memberships are customized to your requirements with PURE-GOLD offering an exclusive service. We will, with your permission, examine and consider your profile and your photos and give you our best possible advice and expertise.
Our programs can be performed at home, in the gym or on your travels AND in less than 25 minutes.

As a member you will have access to our cooking and nutritional videos. Our Newsletters are packed with research, beauty tips and health information that is current and reliable. Our blog offers you the opportunity to seek advice and share your experiences providing a means of support to others. In today's highly competitive world of dating it's about standing-out from the crowd. Personality will eventually win the day but initially the "eyes" make the decisions. Looking better usually equates to feeling better. Naturally, when we feel better we radiate more energy, more confidence and an aura of positivity which in turn, make us more attractive.

Choose a membership and let's begin to win the Dating Game.

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