Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed DoorsAs you can imagine, this topic has generated a lot of interest especially given that both men and women think about sex several times a day. If you are here, looking to fix your relationship from an emotional/psychological standpoint then perhaps a Professional therapist would be a better choice. We, on the other-hand, are experts in fitness, health and nutrition all of which are important contributory factors to the quality of one's sex life. After all, isn't sex a "physical act”? George Burns, the comedian, was once asked by an elderly couple if it was OK to make love in the 90's. He felt it was best between 70-75 and "if it gets any hotter, turn on the AC".

Joking aside, we appreciate that sexual "performance" is a serious issue for many. You may already have used our "Hot and Sexy" programs, customized for those members looking to successfully attract a prospective partner. "Behind Closed Doors" offers personalized programs to men and women who wish to enhance their performance in the bedroom. There is no dispute that ego can play an excessive role. Some men I know feel they are tigers in the bedroom. Unfortunately the medical facts show otherwise.

  • Two out of every three adults in many Westernized Industrial nations are overweight or obese. Men who are obese are 5Xs more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.
  • About 25% of men who have high cholesterol suffer from ED.

Simply put, ED is a plumbing problem caused by impaired blood-flow. Exercise is the antidote it increases oxygen and blood-flow. A program of strength and conditioning together with some aerobic activity helps increase the production of nitric oxide - an invaluable tool in maintaining an erection and bolstering libido for both men and women. Better and cheaper than calling your local plumber!! The cynics among you may ask why bother adopting one of our programs when there are "blue pills" in existence.

Well, let's remember that they aren't cheap and more importantly they have numerous side-effects....nausea and diarrhea (things you definitely don't want in the bedroom) vision problems, kidney issues and can pose complications for those suffering from cardio-vascular disease. In summary these tablets may address some of the symptoms but NOT the REAL causes. Furthermore the drugs have little effect on one's libido or sexual sensation. Our programs, on the other hand, will boost blood-flow and aid in the production of testosterone, Human growth hormone, Dopamine and many other hormones that help bolster sexual performance and sexual sensation. Think of us as "chocolate for the body".

Of course we understand the value of honesty, mutual respect, commitment and love. We also understand the importance of physical attraction. Unfortunately as a result of the aging process, our mind and body inevitably changes. We lose strength, muscle-mass, flexibility and stamina. Many over-weight and obese individuals are at the mercy of lower self-esteem, greater inhibitions and a lack of confidence in their appearance, all of which can enter the bedroom and affect performance. Our programs can help provide solutions to these concerns.
I conducted my own survey about gender specific sexual preferences...

  • MEN - A hot body (breasts, butt, legs); variety; a woman who takes control.
  • WOMEN - An Athletic body (toned arms, chest, butt); confidence; patience; playfulness.

Our programs BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD can be performed at home, in the gym on your travels and in UNDER 25 minutes.

Our programs are practical, fun and effective. In over 15 years we have helped many individuals and celebrities become stronger, fitter and healthier... testimonials.
You too can reap the benefits not only in the bedroom but in the functionality of your everyday life. As a member you will have access to our Healthy Newsletters, packed with nutritional information and beauty tips and filled with research that is current and reliable. Participate in our Blog where you can seek advice, provide support and become an active member in our Health Community.

Choose a membership and let us inspire you to a better time "Behind closed doors".

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