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Alex ProfileThis is my favourite part; gives us the chance to flex our muscles and pat ourselves on the back. :-)

Joking aside, it actually provides you with the opportunity to learn some things "about us". There are numerous companies on the internet all vying for your attention and credit card. Do you know anything about them?? More importantly, your body and your health are your most precious assets...Are you willing to place them in the hands of a complete stranger? and Outstandingfitness LLC are owned by Alex, a certified Personal Trainer (American Council On Exercise), Nutrition Specialist and a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Originally from Europe, Alex now resides in sunny Florida.He has amassed a "well-th" of experience culminating in almost 20 years within the Health and Fitness Industry.While competing and visiting over 50 countries he has gained the wisdom and experience to develop unique and effective strategies that have proven extremely successful. He understands, especially in today's accelerated world,that it's not easy to lose weight and maintain good health particularly as we become older.Most people "know what to do" they just don't "do what they know". Alex knows how to bridge the gap and have fun doing it.

Our client portfolio ranges from celebrities, groups, Corporations and individuals like yourself. As a recognised authority in his field, Alex has been invited to speak at many events and work with many Organisations...The Orange Bowl Commitee,The American Heart Association, The Miami Heart Research Institute who have called him their "Guru". He has made several appearances on NBC6 and the "Today Show" in South Florida.

I am sure you will agree..."Your body is in safe hands".

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Assumption of Risk

Exercise Program/Information and Nutritional Advice may not be suitable for everyone.
The information contained within is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is NOT intended as medical advice.

If you answer YES to 2 or more of the following we advise that you consult your Health Care Provider before starting any program.
Are you a man 45+, a woman 55+, pregnant, a smoker,have hypertension, symptoms/medication for heart disease, diabetes,suffer chest discomfort, fainting or dizziness with exertion or any other medical concerns you feel may affect your health or the safety of exercise.

Nothing within is designed to treat, heal, cure or diagnose any illness, condition or health issue.

If necessary always consult your Health Care Adviser before beginning any Nutrition or Exercise Program.

Each Plan/Program is to be used solely at the discretion of the paid individual/member.