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Cooking FoodI'm not sure if you are aware of this, but in most bookstores (the ones that remain) the largest sections are devoted to “Self-Help" and "Dieting/Cooking". Most of us cook but given the constraints of time and budget our meals tend to be "lackluster and repetitive". helps you find a better solution. If you have seen our videos on YouTube (eat and exercise for the perfect body) you know that our meals are practical, fun and delicious using ingredients that most of us have in our kitchens.

All are less than 400 calories and can be prepared in less than 25 minutes. We have helped many people achieve "sustained” weight-loss. Notice we use the word "sustained" which is very important. The majority who embark upon a diet, any diet, lose weight for mainly two reasons... they lose water and eat fewer calories than before, but end up depriving themselves. Unfortunately this loss cannot be maintained without the support of exercise; this creates lean muscle which in turn burns more calories and accelerates the body's metabolism.

A sad fact is that 95% of dieters end up regaining the lost weight within 12-18 months. Unfortunately, most of the initial loss is NOT body fat but water. The "diet" industry (with its lotions, potions, pills, books and clinics) is worth a staggering $70 billion. Ask yourself a question. If "diets" really work how come 2 out of three adults in the US and most western industrialized nations are overweight or obese? So why don't diets tend to work long-term? There are several reasons, many of which I discuss in my newsletter which is free to you as a member. OK, I will share one reason that I have experienced over the years....WE ARE HUMAN.

Yes, we have a brain that uses logic and rationale to make decisions. However when it comes to eating, pleasure takes control. Our taste-buds are drawn to sensations that are mainly sweet, fatty and salty. I have a phrase...If it tastes good it's probably "bad" for you. We are creatures of habit, creatures of emotion. My granny is a classic example..."I cannot be bothered with organic food. You see, at my age, I need all the preservatives I can get".

Joking aside, most of us find it immensely difficult to change our eating habits over-night. Depriving ourselves of foods that we have eaten for a while is not realistic in the long-term. IS the long-term solution. We understand that our mind and body respond better to smaller changes made incrementally. Remember, good nutrition is not just about weight-loss it's about incorporating the right balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Take a moment to ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you at a weight that feels right for you?
  • Do you like the way you look?
  • Is your BP, Body Fat % and Cholesterol at a healthy level?
  • Do you really have the energy levels you require or do you rely on stimulants like coffee?

It's little surprise that our bodies suffer. The accelerated pace of today's demanding lifestyle (kids, partners, career, traffic, deadlines etc) inevitably takes a toll. is the solution. We use ingredients commonly found in our kitchens. We understand that your time is precious which is why all our meals can be prepared in less than 25 minutes and are less than 400 calories. They can be combined with our effective exercise programs which can be done at home, in a gym or while traveling.

When it comes to weight-loss, one size does not fit all. Each one of you is unique with different shapes, sizes, personalities and lifestyles. For this reason we offer four different types of memberships.



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We even have a section on healthy dating and "Behind Closed Doors". You will have fun winning prizes in our quizzes. Our blog is a forum where you can share advice and seek support from our health community. It's time to avoid diets that do not work and turn to a program that does. We are here to provide advice and support. Now is the time to re-kindle that New Year's Resolution for better health. Choose from one of the links bellow and start to see the gains... to your losses.

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