THE 20'S

defy the ages

"The twenties are about building a life-plan based on who you are, who you aren't and who you wish to be".

Some of you reading this may be asking, Alex why are you even concerned about aging in the 20's.We twenty year old's are young, invincible and immortal. No need to worry.

Sorry to disappoint you but there is some room for concern.

The aging process may be invisible at this time but it is happening insidiously. It involves progressive changes in the body's ability to generate, repair and replace cells that are healthy. Some of the many physiological effects of aging occur earlier than you may think. For example, the NIH informs us that in our 20's lung tissue loses elasticity and those muscles involved in breathing shrink. After the age of 25 the body can lose 0.5 lb of muscle annually unless we perform strength exercises.

I loved my 20's, some of my fondest memories were spent at university but in between parties, beer and empty boxes of pizza try to incorporate some healthy habits that will help build a solid platform for future decades.

SKIN...........Cleanse, moisturize and apply an SPF. Drink lots of water. 

SLEEP...........You may still be growing. You may also be athletic and very social. Sleep is a time to repair and rejuvenate.

EXERCISE...........Regularly, with both resistance training and aerobic activity. Avoiding excessive activities will help limit injury and "burn-out".

NUTRITION...........Pay attention to portions and eat slowly. If active focus on lean proteins, healthy carbs (100% whole grains, brown rice, quinoa etc) fruits and veggies. Learn to cook a few staples such as a healthy breakfast with eggs and some recipes with chicken and fish. You may even impress that special someone.

TEETH...........Floss and clean daily.

SAFETY...........Wear a helmet and seat-belt... ALWAYS.

MEDICAL...........Organize a check-up every two years, with dental and eye exams annually.

WOMEN...........A gynecological exam, breast exam and pap test every 2-3 years or as recommended by your Doctor.

MEN...........A clinical testicular exam with regular self-examinations. Monitor Blood pressure especially if in Family History.

I was in my 20's once upon a time. I get that this is a time for fun and enjoyment. I just wish that there was someone, at the time, who could have provided solid advice that would benefit my future health. 

We are here for you. 

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