THE 40'S

defy the ages

"You know you're in your forties when things stop growing at both ends but start expanding in the middle".

MUSCLES........Muscle-mass can decline as much as 7 lbs without a program of strength and conditioning. They lose energy producing mitochondria. In turn Resting Metabolism slows and weight gain ensues. Men and women need to exercise with some type of resistance (machines, loose weights, bands, body weight etc) to keep musculature long and strong.

METABOLISM........Slows by 2% per decade. Exercise increases resting metabolism leading to a recommended weight-loss of 1-3 lbs weekly.

BONE LOSS........In this decade we can see a decline of as much as 2%, this accelerates post menopause. Perform a regular program of strength and conditioning and seek medical advice on Calcium.

MENOPAUSE........The average age of perimenopause is 47. Changes in hormones can cause changes in menstrual cycles, mood, sleep and hot flashes. Men aren't immune ie Andropause. Low energy, fatigue and loss of libido are some major symptoms. As a result of declining HGH and Testosterone there is an increase in belly fat.

SKIN........The body typically produces less collagen and elastin which help keep the skin plump and firm. Use retinols, vitamins A and C. Keep hydrated and introduce veggie juicing into your diet.

STRESS........Careers, bosses, partners, traffic and new family responsibilities (teenagers, aging parents etc) all take their toll. Find some time for yourself. In addition to cardio and resistance exercise try to include some yoga/meditation.

DIABETES........As waistlines expand so does the risk of Type II Diabetes. According to the CDC almost 26 million people in the USA suffer. About 14% between the ages of 45-65 have been diagnosed but many are unaware. Get screened.

Naturally one should seek the advice of one's Caregiver. Here are some pertinent recommendations.

PHYSICAL EXAM........Every 2-3 years paying particular attention to BP, BMI and Blood Tests.

DENTAL EXAM AND CLEANING........Every 6 months or as recommended.

EYE EXAM........Every 2 years or as recommended.

CHOLESTEROL SCREENING........Every 5 years or as recommended.

COLO-RECTAL CANCER SCREENING........Begin at 45 if at increased risk.

WOMEN........An annual clinical breast exam, pelvic exam together with a pap test and bone density test are advised.

MEN........A testicular exam plus talk to your Doctor about a PSA and prostate exam.

It now becomes evident that you really need to pay more attention to the changes occurring anatomically. Stress, declining muscle-mass and resting metabolism can all be helped by a program of strength/resistance, stretching and aerobic activity.

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