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defy the ages

Defying the decades, turning back the clock, searching for the "fountain of youth" are incredibly popular pursuits and comprise a huge business. Take a look around you;
TV, movies, magazines, the internet are jam-packed with advice, lotions, potions, pills and procedures; all clamoring and claiming to reverse the signs of aging and turn us into Benjamin Button.

Unfortunately, the hands of time do not stand still. We are all getting older, however, we CAN do many things to slow its progress. According to science there's a difference between chronological age and biological age.

For many of us there are four stages of life.

  1. We believe in Santa Claus
  2. We don't believe in Santa Claus
  3. We look like Santa Claus
  4. We become Santa Claus

Joking aside, as much as genetics and gravity play their part, about 70-80% of what occurs (Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes and a premature Aging Appearance) is within our control.

You CAN slow your aging...we have the tools to show you how to succeed.

Each decade has its own set of anatomical "trouble-spots" that are common to us all...a slowing metabolism, muscle-loss (sarcopenia), declining hormones, free-radicals/cell oxidization, weaker bones, thinning hair and thickening waists and hips.

So what can be done?... I hear you ask.


We will show you how to age gracefully. Our recipes and exercise programs will help you combat the ravages of time. While we can't turn you into Benjamin Button we can certainly help to make you look and feel younger and get the most out of your years ahead.

Click on your relevant decade, learn more about yourself and then choose the program and membership that will help you control your health destiny.

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