THE 50's

defy the ages

"Maybe life does begin at 50.But everything else starts to wear out, fall out or spread out". (Anonymous)

This decade seems to be synonymous with the phrase "over the hill". This couldn't be further from the truth. For many, these years can produce a number of physiological changes (thinner on top, wider on the bottom) but how we change is very much in our control.

Investing more time and paying more attention to our body is very important at this stage of life.

WOMEN............"You are still hot, but only in flashes". Smiling aside, it's true that in many Industrialized countries the average age of menopause occurs in the early 50's.Less estrogen and progesterone can lead to a host of flashes, mood swings, skin that is thinner and drier even in the most private of areas. You are also more likely to develop hypothyroidism (low thyroid) causing fatigue, depression and weight-gain.

MEN............ After 50 expect a noticeable decline in muscle-mass (10% per decade) together with a slower Resting Metabolism, such a combination inextricably leads to weight gain, arthritis and osteoporosis especially in the knees and hips along with issues in the lumbar region. Erectile Dysfunction and prostate concerns should be addressed.

HEART DISEASE............It's the number one killer of men aged 45-55 and also the leading cause of death and disability in women. It's time to lose the "spare-tire". Accelerate your metabolism by performing 20-40 minutes of aerobic activity daily while exercising with resistance to increase muscle-mass.

BONES............An estimated 20% of women in their 50's already experience osteoporosis and over 50% have low bone-mass according to the NIH. Engage in weight bearing exercise (walk, swim, dance, resistance training etc) and seek Professional advice on Calcium and Vitamin D.


PHYSICAL............At least bi-annually. Focus on BMI, Cholesterol and a baseline EKG.

EYE EXAM............Every two years or as recommended.

DENTAL EXAM............Every 6 months or as recommended.

BLOOD PRESSURE............A screening annually.

DIABETES............Tests as recommended

COLORECTAL............Begin at 50- see your Doctor.

FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY............As recommended.

WOMEN............Annual clinical breast exam, pelvis and mammogram, pap test.

MEN............Testicular exam, prostate and cancer screening as recommended.

Should you have any concerns always talk to your Health-Care Adviser. Remember that you are your best advocate when it comes to your health. We are here to provide you with information and support especially with your exercise and nutrition requirements.

Pick from the "Menu of Options" below and find the program and membership that will enable you to make important changes for a brighter and more energetic future. 

Assumption of Risk

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