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corporate exercisingAs Executives and business owners we are fully aware of the costs of ill-health to our "bottom line" especially now, given the changes to health care plans and premiums. As captains of Industry we are constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities to further growth and expansion. Unfortunately, when it comes to employee health-care costs the future does not look so healthy.

Let's look at some hard facts:

  • Cardio Vascular Disease, Stroke, ect. Cost Corporations in the USA over $370 billion...$150 billion in lost productivity (injury, absenteeism, etc) and approx $220 billion in health care expenditure.
  • Obesity, Heart Disease. Two out of Three adults in many Western Industrialized nations are Overweight/Obese costing over $15 billion with over $40 million in lost working days.
  • Repetitive Stress Injury. Over 80% of the workforce suffers from back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, excessive stress and other avoidable issues costing companies $1.2 billion in lost production and services and $150 million in workers compensation.

If you think these numbers are hyperbole...think again! They are from reliable sources...Dept of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau. What makes this situation even more worrisome is that, as a result of the recent Health Care Act the costs, premiums, etc WILL continue to increase. The time is ripe for Action!

Your Company needs to face these changes by implementing our program of "Prevention and Promotion". Preventing and eliminating the causes of bad health (poor nutrition, stress, poor posture, etc) while Promoting and creating habits and behaviors that improve health.

Our seminars, workshops and programs produce results. We have worked successfully with the American Heart Association and The Orange Bowl Committee to name a few. Click on About Us for further information.

The results, speak for themselves. Increases in energy and concentration, elevations in mood and morale clearly influence productivity and overall well-being; a great VOI.

We fully understand that your company is unique; all our services are tailor-made. We will spend the time getting to know you and your employees so that we can better create a strategy that fits your requirements and your needs. You will find our programs to be practical, fun and effective.

An investment in your employees not only benefits the bottom line but is a fantastic ROI not just in currency but in priceless values such as loyalty and appreciation......"GOOD HEALTH IS GOOD BUSINESS".

Now is the time to invest in your future; now is the time to invest in the Health of your company.

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Assumption of Risk

Exercise Program/Information and Nutritional Advice may not be suitable for everyone.
The information contained within is provided solely for educational and informational purposes. It is NOT intended as medical advice.

If you answer YES to 2 or more of the following we advise that you consult your Health Care Provider before starting any program.
Are you a man 45+, a woman 55+, pregnant, a smoker,have hypertension, symptoms/medication for heart disease, diabetes,suffer chest discomfort, fainting or dizziness with exertion or any other medical concerns you feel may affect your health or the safety of exercise.

Nothing within is designed to treat, heal, cure or diagnose any illness, condition or health issue.

If necessary always consult your Health Care Adviser before beginning any Nutrition or Exercise Program.

Each Plan/Program is to be used solely at the discretion of the paid individual/member.