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Man Doing Sit UpsAs guys we all know what it means to be fit and look strong....Or so we think!! Gyms are filled with "pumped" bodies lifting lumps of metal amidst grunts of primal joy immersed in a pool of testosterone. But what of our health over all? Are we training in a smart way? Are we applying balance and harmony to our health? Do we really have the energy we need at the end of the day?

Unfortunately, medical facts tell a different story:

  • Three out of four of us WILL die of Heart Disease.
  • In 1960 an average man = 166 lbs
  • By 2000 = 192lbs
  • In 1985 the average waist size = 32 inches
  • By 2005 = 36 inches
  • After the age of 30 the average man gains 1-1.5 lbs annually while losing muscle mass at a rate of 0.5lb per annum.

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I once heard a comedian say that "if it wasn't for the distance between the TV , the fridge and the bathroom we wouldn't get any exercise at all". Joking aside, we would be wise to address these issues and to take steps to seriously "invest" in our health especially in these times of escalating health-care costs.

As a business owner, I am very aware of the constraints of time. Our partners, kids, traffic, deadlines and a demanding career eventually take their toll. is the perfect solution. Our programs fully understand the demands of today's accelerated lifestyle. We show you how to cook a tasty and nutritious meal in under 400 calories and in less than 25 minutes... go to youtube and see our videos (eat and exercise for the perfect body).

Our exercise programs are practical ,effective and fun and can be done at home, the gym or in an hotel room. The whole point is to complete your workout in the time it takes to prepare your meal.

Many of you here have the same goals...lose weight, gain muscle be in better shape. Yet each one of you is unique- different physiques, different attitudes, different lifestyles. For this reason we offer four types of membership...


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As a member you will have access to our newsletters that are packed with the latest research and tips on health and fitness. We offer quizzes with prizes and a blog where you can give advice and seek support. You desire better health, we want you to be an active member that achieves success in a practical and fun manner. YOU AND US....FIT TOGETHER!

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